Frugal Fashion: DIY Clothing Repairs

blogimage-mendingDon’t toss that sock with a hole, or shirt with a missing button. Do as your grandparents did: mend it!

Learn to make these small repairs, and you’ll save a ton of money—by extending the life of your clothes, and reducing the need to replace them.

No sewing machine? No problem. In most cases, a simple needle and thread will do.

Borrow a basic sewing book from the library, or search the internet for instruction. You’ll find online tutorials for a plethora of mending tasks—following are some examples:

How to Replace a Missing Button –

How to Mend a Split Seam –

How to Repair a Hem –

How to do it: Darn Socks – zigzagstitch

A Guide to Mending Your Clothing, Zippers and Fabric –

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