Frugal Entertainment: Enjoy a Fall Festival!

blogimage-pumpkinsAutumn is a fabulous time of year for the best frugal entertainment around: festivals!

Instead of going to the mall or movies this weekend, take advantage of these seasonal celebrations: they offer a wide range of activities for little to no cost. Embrace the opportunity to enjoy the crisp autumn air, and provide your family with a cheap (and possibly free!) day of fun.

This time of year, you’ll find plenty of apple festivals, pumpkin festivals, harvest festivals, corn mazes, and hay rides.

Check out your local newspaper, community bulletin board, or hometown website for events in your area. Or search online—here’s a few resources to help you find a festival near you: – Find a Festival: Local Events, World Festivals…

Apple Festivals in the U.S., Canada and Britain

Where to find pumpkin festivals, pumpkin weigh-offs and more…


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