Frugal Fashion: Smart Choices that Stretch Your Clothing Budget

closet2Choose your clothing strategically to make the most of a limited budget. Here are seven smart choices that’ll keep you fashionable for less:

1. Buy clothes in colors that mix and match. Neutrals give you the most mileage out of pants, skirts, suits, and shoes.

2. Buy clothes that are versatile, such as pieces you can dress up or down. The more outfits you can make from a few garments, the more money you’ll save!

3. Buy classic clothes. Stick to items that stay in fashion, and you’ll never run the risk of looking outdated.

4. Avoid trendy clothes. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on something that’ll be “out” in a few short months.

5. Buy clothes that fit. Don’t waste money on clothes that need to be tailored—or pieces you can’t wear until you drop those extra pounds.

6. Buy clothes that flatter you. You’ll wear them much more often, and avoid wasting money on wardrobe “mistakes.”

7. Accessorize. Instead of dropping $200 on a new outfit, freshen up an old one with a $20 scarf.

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